The Hurdy-Gurdy Band presents music and theater of 18th Century London and Paris.

Our music is performed on period instruments, (hurdy-gurdies, harpsichord, violin) and brings to life popular songs and lively dance tunes of the English Ballad Operas and the French Opéra Comique.

Our Gallant Shadow Figure Theater is a working replica of one used by traveling entertainers in France and England during the 1700's.

The glowing screen and shadow figures' hilarious adventures combine with the music to create an entertainment entirely enjoyable to a wide variety of audiences.

We take pride in the fact that our concerts and shows appeal to young and old alike. Our show The Adventures of Claude Duval is especially appropriate for inter-generational audiences. and is perfect for all family events such as folk music and theater festivals, as well as family days and holiday celebrations at historical sites.

Our new show for young audiences in schools and libraries, Four and Twenty Blackbirds, uses both shadow theater and music to transport audiences to the magical world of nursery rhymes.

In The World Turned Upside Down, music and storytelling bring to life a minstrel's adventures during the American Revolution

Our concerts are flexible and are as easily given under a tree on a small stage, as on the main stage at indoor and outdoor festivals.

Please note that our Shadow theater presentations need a space dimly lit and are not appropriate for performance outdoors at daytime festivals.

With or without our shadow theater, all performances are filled with charming music played on our original period instruments, presented with spirited story-telling and engaging humor.